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Immerse yourself in a yoga style, technique or therapeutic approach at our weekend yoga workshops. Explore postures, gain additional knowledge and inspiration in a speciality that interests you. Workshops are open to new students. To see the schedule of upcoming workshops, visit our yoga class and workshop schedule page.

Deepen your connection of mind body and spirit
Blindfold Yoga Workshop

Awaken your inner eye | See from within

2 Hour Blindfold Yoga Workshop: 10.30am, Saturday 6th April 2019 Inspired by Pratyahara (the yoga principle of “the withdrawal of senses”), this workshop invites you to awaken your inner eye and turn inward. With a blindfold, you will take a journey from outside perception to inner self. Join Ger Kinane for this two-hour deeply relaxing yoga journey as you explore the practice with your eyes closed. Feel your balance being challenged as you remove visual references. Experience the mind body connection intensify as you the rest of your senses become deepened and refined. With outward distractions removed, feel a stronger connection to breath. You will notice that the need for focus and presence is much greater than usual as you move mindfully and find stillness.​ A very slow and accessible sequence of poses that will leave you feeling relaxed, restored, with a higher appreciation for your ability to see, both inside and out.
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Yoga Wellness Retreat
Budapest Yoga Retreat


3-Day Spa Island Yoga Retreat, Budapest: 30Nov - 02Dec 2018
Twin Share €479pp | Single €549pp | Non-refundable deposit €250 (RyanAir) Balance due 15 Oct 2018 Escape to the Hungarian Capital - Budapest on a three day Yoga Retreat. Staying on Margaret island, peacefully situated in the centre of the River Danube, you will enjoy three days of yoga, wellness pampering, sightseeing and a visit to the Christmas market. You can explore this beautiful quiet island, running or strolling the footpaths that connect the historical sites. Soak in the thermal baths filled with the natural, mineral-rich, healing waters of Budapest, relax and mingle around the shared interest of yoga. The beautiful 4 star superior wellness hotel has everything you need to foster wellness - excellent cuisine, delicious healthy menus, thermal spa, jogging path and bicycles. Just ten minutes from the city centre, you will have free time to explore Buda and Pest at your leisure. The package includes:
  • Return flights from Dublin to Budapest with RyanAir including taxes, fees, charges & allocated seating
  • 2 nights 4-star superior hotel accommodation
  • Breakfast and two meals
  • 3 two-hour Yoga workshops
  • 20 minute massage
  • 20 minute wellness bath
  • Entrance to the Danubius Premier Fitness Centre (thermal pools, sauna, swimming pool, fitness room, steam bath)
  • 10% discount on further wellness treatments
Not included
  • Checked baggage
  • Travel Insurance
  • Public Transport
  • Some meals
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Yoga Workshop
De-stress & Unwind | Christmas Workshop
2-Hour Unplug, unwind and de-stress Somatic Workshop: 10.30am, Saturday 15th December 2018

Treat your body and mind with time to de-stress, unwind and recharge before Christmas with Somatics

Guided through gentle, easy exercises inspired by Somatic Movement Education, you will move deeper into awareness, allowing the central nervous system to relax and restore. Somatics is based on the principle that by moving with awareness, our body can begin to restore itself towards a state of health. Somatics can help to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and allow you to be more mindful and appreciate the good things in life. The workshop is lead by Deirdre Mullins, our fully qualified Somatic Exercise Coach, Clinical Somatic Educator and Yoga teacher, who since 2013 has been passionately exploring Somatic movement, leading Somatic workshops and working with clients through Somatic Movement and Yoga. This 2-hour workshop will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and replenished with a new sense of balance in your body and mind. No experience necessary, all are welcome.
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Quantum Sound Bath Workshop
Quantum Sound Bath
Quantum Sound Bath: 4pm, Saturday 9th February 2019 Time out to Tune in with this beautiful and restorative workshop. At this Introduction sound bath, experience group energy healing & sound meditation, where participants can choose to be seated or lying down. Allow your body to rest and receive sound therapy as sound harmonies come from singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and voice. This special sound bath is an opportunity to release physical or emotional tension, to foster physical, mental and emotional well-being and to support energy flow. Experience the body literally 'bathed in sound', promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace. This sound bath promises to be a very relaxing experience. During the session, every client receives mini sonic treatment along with energy healing to raise the energies in and around the body. BENEFITS:
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Relief from the chronic tiredness
  • Calming down the inner chatter
  • Moving stagnant energy in the body
  • Building resilience to stressful events
  • Clearing the mind fog and creating sense of clarity
  • Enhancing greater sense of peace and calmness
  • Lowering levels of anxiety
  • Grounding the energies
  • Better sense of direction
  • Helping to build better relationship with oneself and others
  • Enhances clear way of communication
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Somatics Deep Back Pain Relief Workshop
Somatic Back Pain Workshop | Deep Pain Relief

Somatics for Back Pain Workshop

10.30am, Sunday 30th September 2018

Have you got a niggling lower back pain that won’t go away?

Come along and be guided through gentle, easy exercises inspired by Somatic Movement Education and learn how to release & relax your back muscles. As you learn to sense and control the muscles you can release tension, increasing your mobility, flexibility and strength.

This 2-hour workshop is of special interest to anyone who experiences back pain but equally you don't need to suffer back pain to benefit from this Somatic Workshop. This somatic workshop will help to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and improve body-mind awareness. Leave the workshop with less pain and physical tension, feeling relaxed and balanced in your body and mind. The 2-hour workshop, lead by Deirdre Mullins, our fully qualified Somatic Exercise Coach, Clinical Somatic Educator and experienced Yoga teacher will help you to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and improve body-mind awareness. Leave the workshop with less pain and physical tension, feeling relaxed and balanced in your body and mind. No experience necessary, all are welcome.
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Yoga 101
Back to Basics | Yoga 101 Workshop

Back to Basics Yoga Workshop

2-Hour Yoga 101 Workshop: 2.30pm, Saturday 12th January 2019 Always wanted to join a Yoga class but felt unsure if yoga was for you? Do you need a yoga refresher to renew your yoga practice? Created for students new to Yoga and for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of foundational postures, this introductory-level workshop will allow you to experience yoga as you learn the basic postures, breath work and develop a solid foundation of the basics of hatha yoga. The back to basics yoga workshop will take an in-depth look into key foundation yoga poses; safely and receiving the care and attention you need to build confidence. You’ll develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on healthy alignment, and practice coordinating the breath & movement. Come join Hatha Yoga teacher Val Herbert at this relaxed workshop, delivered in a welcoming and non-intimidating environment that will teach you the basic foundations of a Hatha yoga practice.
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Yin Yoga Autumn Equinox Workshop
Yin Yoga Autumn Equinox Workshop

Autumn Equinox Yin Yoga Workshop

2-Hour Light to Shadow Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Workshop: 10.30am, Sunday 23rd September 2018 The Autumn Equinox, Sunday 23rd September marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. This Yin Yoga Light to Shadow workshop will help you transition into Autumn with ease. In this 2-hour journey into Yin Yoga you will first be introduced to mindfulness meditation, to help develop awareness as you begin to slow down your body and calm your mind. We will then move into Yin Yoga poses that look at creating balance within ourselves; honoring both the light and the shadow. The passive Yin Yoga practice will be an extension to the meditation as it requires as much from the mind as the body. Passively holding the yin yoga poses for between 3-5 minutes will challenge the mind to process negative thought patterns in a compassionate and accepting way. The Yin practice will help to increase flexibility and range of motion in a deep and effective way, help increase bone density, and enhance vitality and overall heath. In this yoga workshop, you will experience how the Yin Yoga practice gets past the muscles and targets the connective ‘yin’ tissues - joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia that wraps around your joints, muscles and organs. The Yin yoga poses will simultaneously promote and maintain mobility as connective tissue is safely and therapeutically stretched, stimulated and strengthened. The strong meditative thread through this workshop will be further enhanced by completing the journey with a Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation. This guided relaxation is a method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This workshop will have you feeling relaxed both in body and mind so that you emerge feeling receptive, rejuvenated and in a state of contentment and well-being. You will leave having planted the seeds of gratitude and compassion within your heart and feel renewed to step back into life.
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