Beginner Yoga & Pilates Classes

Breathing Place Yoga is a peaceful, relaxing sanctuary where you will feel welcome as a yoga or Pilates beginner. You can learn more about the different styles of yoga taught at our yoga studio by exploring class descriptions. All these beginner yoga classes we recommend for a beginner new to yoga. Visit our yoga for beginners guide to help you feel more confident before your first yoga class. Book your yoga class by clicking into the yoga classes below.

Quantum Sound Bath Workshop
Quantum Sound Bath Workshop
Quantum Sound Bath Workshop: 4pm, Saturday 9th December 2017 Time out to Tune in with this beautiful and restorative workshop. At this Introduction workshop, experience group energy healing & sound meditation, where participants can choose to be seated or lying down. Allow your body to rest and receive sound therapy as sound harmonies come from singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and voice. This special workshop is an opportunity to release physical or emotional tension, to foster physical, mental and emotional well-being and to support energy flow. Experience the body literally 'bathed in sound', promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace. This workshop promises to be a very relaxing experience. During the session, every client receives mini sonic treatment along with energy healing to raise the energies in and around the body. BENEFITS:
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Relief from the chronic tiredness
  • Calming down the inner chatter
  • Moving stagnant energy in the body
  • Building resilience to stressful events
  • Clearing the mind fog and creating sense of clarity
  • Enhancing greater sense of peace and calmness
  • Lowering levels of anxiety
  • Grounding the energies
  • Better sense of direction
  • Helping to build better relationship with oneself and others
  • Enhances clear way of communication
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Vinyasa Yoga Class
Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Class

6 Week Vinyasa Yoga Course: 6pm, Thursday 9th November 2017 Vinyasa Yoga is an invigorating Yoga practice as breath, movement, and posture form a continuous, flowing, dance-like, moving meditation.  During this course you will learn to synchronise the breath while moving through postures and experience flowing yoga pose sequences to release, balance and strengthen the body. Classes will offer variations for all levels of ability. We explore how to find fluid flexibility rather than feeling rigid in our movements. Each class will emphasis a particular theme for example to open the hips, strengthen the legs, free the shoulders, strengthen the core, or releasing tension through twists. Feel balanced, centered and just downright better, physically, emotionally and energetically.
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Yoga 101
Yoga 101 | Back to Basics Yoga Workshop
2-Hour Back to Basics Yoga Workshop: 2.30pm, Saturday 4th November 2017 Always wanted to join a Yoga class but felt unsure if yoga was for you? Do you need a yoga refresher to renew your yoga practice? Created for students new to Yoga and for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of foundational postures, this introductory-level workshop will allow you to experience yoga as you learn the basic postures, breath work and develop a solid foundation of the basics of hatha yoga. The back to basics yoga workshop will take an in-depth look into key foundation yoga poses; safely and receiving the care and attention you need to build confidence. You'll develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on healthy alignment, and practice coordinating the breath & movement. Come join Hatha Yoga teacher Val Herbert at this relaxed workshop that will teach you the basic foundations of a Hatha yoga practice.
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Hatha Yoga Class
Somatic Hatha Yoga

Hatha Somatic Yoga Class

7 Week Somatic Hatha Yoga Course: 6pm, Tuesday 7th November 2017 Hatha Somatic Yoga infuses Hatha Yoga with Somatic Movement. This class explores movements which bring length and lightness to the spine and flexibility and stability to the hips and shoulders.
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Hatha Yoga Class Breathing Place
Hatha AM Yoga – Beginners

Hatha Yoga Classes | Beginners level

2 Week Hatha Yoga Course: 09.30am Thursday 19th October 2017 Hatha Yoga classes open to all ages and levels of fitness. Hatha Yoga is a great foundation to work on your alignment, learn relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with doing yoga while building strength and flexibility. Experience yoga poses that tone and stretch. Hatha Yoga Classes include breathing techniques and a relaxation.
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Somatic Movement Workshop
Hatha Yoga – Beginners

Hatha Yoga for Beginners

3 Week Beginners Hatha Yoga Course: 7.30pm, Thursday 19th October 2017 A gentle practice to learn the basics of hatha yoga asana (postures) and breathing as well as to relax and restore from the challenges of daily life.
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Flow Yoga
Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga Class

7 Week Flow Yoga Course: 8.30pm, Tuesday 7th November 2017 Flow Yoga (also referred to as Vinyasa yoga) is a movement-based practice. Flow Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength as you weave with the breath through creative transitions that lengthen, strengthen and centre you. Flow Yoga classes start with some pranayama breathing practice then move into gentle stretching and strengthening postures, followed by an easy flow pattern which may focus on hips, shoulders, lower back, or legs. Some postures are held for a length of time using breath work to take your body and mind deeper into the asana and its benefits.
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Hot Yoga Classes Kildare
Forrest Yoga 27°- Beginners

Beginner's Forrest Yoga

3 Week Forrest Yoga Course: 7.15pm, Tuesday 24th October 2017 (No class 31st October) Beginner's introduction to Forrest Yoga. This hot yoga style is practiced in 27°heat. Week by week you will build the practice, learning new yoga poses and deepening the connect to your breath. Forrest Yoga will help you go deeper, build strength and reconnect to self. With lots of hands on assistance, this beginner's Forrest Yoga class will guide you with detailed alignment instruction and demonstration. Forrest hot yoga is an intense, mindful yoga that offers great rewards and offers a wonderful pathway to build your practice.
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Pilates Classes Kildare
Pilates Mat – Beginners

Pilates Mat Class - Beginners

2 Week Pilates Mat Course: 9.45am, Monday 23rd October 2017 (No class Bank Holiday Monday 30th October) Learn the fundamental movements with the emphasis on technique. Incorporating strength, mobility and stretching movements. Pilates mat classes incorporate props (magic circle, theraband, stability ball). With modifications offered for beginners, our Pilates Mat course will help you build a strong foundation and teach you the principles of Classical Pilates.
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Pilates Classes Kildare
Pilates Mat – Essential Basics

Pilates Mat Class - Essential Basics

4 Week Pilates Mat Course: 10.45am, Monday 23rd October 2017 (No class Bank Holiday Monday 30th October) For absolute beginners or those returning to Pilates after a break. Learn the fundamental movements with the emphasis on Pilates technique. This Pilates class focus will be on building strength around a good posture and help you find some forgotten muscles! Our Pilates Mat Essential Basics course will help you build a strong foundation and teach you the principles of Classical Pilates.
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Yin Yoga Workshop Kildare
Meditation & Yin Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation & Yin Yoga

6 Week Yin Yoga Course: 7.15pm, Friday 10th November 2017 End your busy week with this beautiful calming and deeply relaxing mindfulness meditation and yin yoga class. Mindfulness meditation will help you relieve stress through exploring the habits of your mind. The passive Yin Yoga practice requires as much from the mind as the body as simple stretches are held for between 2-5 minutes challenging the mind to process negative thought patterns in a compassionate and accepting way. Body sensations are navigated by building inner stamina and endurance and developing a mindfulness based meditation practice. Yin Yoga is a very simple practice that involves luxuriously long holds to get past the muscles and target the connective ‘yin’ tissues - joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia that wraps around your joints, muscles and organs. Yin yoga will simultaneously promote and maintain mobility as connective tissue is safely and therapeutically stretched, stimulated and strengthened. This course will leave you feeling relaxed both in body and mind and enable you to ease into your weekend.
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