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Somatic Back Pain Workshop


Somatic Back Pain Workshop | Deep Pain Relief

10.30am, Saturday 24th February 2018

Have you got a niggling lower back pain that won’t go away?

Come along and be guided through gentle, easy exercises inspired by Somatic Movement Education and learn how to release & relax your back muscles. As you learn to sense and control the muscles you can release tension, increasing your mobility, flexibility and strength.

This 2-hour workshop is of special interest to anyone who experiences back pain. Somatics is based on the principle that by moving with awareness, our body can begin to restore itself towards a state of health. This somatic workshop will help to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and improve body-mind awareness. Leave the workshop with less pain and physical tension, feeling relaxed and balanced in your body and mind.

The workshop is lead by Deirdre Mullins, Somatic Exercise Coach and trainee Clinical Somatic Educator, who since 2013 has been passionately exploring Somatic movement, leading Somatic workshops and working with clients learning to manage pain and discomfort through Somatic Movement and Yoga.

No experience necessary, all are welcome.

‘If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it’ – Thomas Hanna.

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Somatic Back Pain Workshop with Deirdre Mullins

This workshop is for anyone who suffers with lower back pain, sciatica, chronic back pain. No experience necessary – learn how to release & relax your back muscles. Leave the workshop with less back pain and physical tension, more relaxed and balanced in your body and mind.

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