Somatics for Runners & Walkers Workshop


2-Hour Somatics for Walkers & Runners Workshop: 10.30am, Saturday 12th May 2018

Join Deirdre Mullins, our fully qualified Somatic Exercise Coach, Clinical Somatic Educator and experienced Yoga teacher for a morning workshop of Somatic Movement Education.

You walk and run not just with your feet and legs, but with your pelvis, back, belly, ribs, arms – even how you hold your head can affect everything. During this workshop, you will get a better sense of how your whole body coordinates movement and learn how to organise your movements more efficiently, economically and without injury.

Using carefully structured sequences participants will increase awareness of anatomical movements needed to boost strength, stability and mobility when running, walking, jogging and hiking.

Somatics is a gentle safe and effective practice that is equally open to walkers and experienced runners, we can all learn something new to improve our movements at this fundamental level.

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The Somatics for Runners & Walkers Workshop is workshop is suitable for all levels. No experience necessary.


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