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Yoga & Pilates Class Schedule

2MondayYoga for Teens6pm – 6.45pmGer KinaneSign-Up
3MondayOnline Hatha Yoga7pm - 8.15pmGer KinaneSign-Up
4MondayForrest Yoga in 27º8.30pm - 9.30pmGer KinaneSign-Up
12WednesdayHatha Yoga 7.15pm - 8.15pmGer KinaneSign-Up
10WednesdayOnline Hatha Yoga9.30am – 10.45amGer KinaneSign-Up
7TuesdayMum & Baby Yoga12pm - 12.45pmGer KinaneSign-Up
11WednesdayOnline Pregnancy Yoga (14+wks)6pm – 7pmGer KinaneSign-Up
13WednesdayForrest Yoga in 27º (Lev2/3)8.30pm - 9.30pmGer KinaneSign-Up
5TuesdayHatha Yoga9.30am - 10.30amGer KinaneSign-Up
6TuesdayHatha Yoga10.45m - 11.45mGer KinaneSign-Up
18Online ClassLive-Stream Yoga & Pilates ClassesAM & PMGer KinaneSign-Up
1MondayPilates Mat - Improvers11.30am – 12.15pmElena Cordero KiernanSign-Up
17FridayIyengar Yoga - Beginners7.15pm - 8.15pmPaula CarriganSign-Up
14ThursdayMeditation & Yin Yoga6.15pm - 7.15pmMarion BuechnerSign-Up
15ThursdayOnline Pilates Mat - Beginners7.30pm - 8.30pmConorSign-Up
16FridayHatha Yoga - Beginners9.30am - 10.30amVal HerbertSign-Up
8TuesdayTai Chi - Beginners6pm - 7pmCeline Mc KeonSign-Up
9TuesdayTai Chi7.15pm - 8.15pmCeline Mc KeonSign-Up

Yoga & Meditation Workshop Schedule

For details of upcoming Yoga & Meditation weekend Workshops, see our schedule below or visit our Yoga Workshops page.

1Saturday, 16 MaySummer's Joy | Restorative Yoga & Sound Workshop4pm - 5.45pmGer & KamillaSign-Up
5Saturday, TBAWinter: Yin Yoga Workshop10.30am - 12.30pmDee O'HaganSign-Up
3Saturday, 12 SeptemberSomatic Hips, Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop10.30am - 12.30pmDeirdre MullinsSign-Up
2Saturday, TBA SeptemberBack to Basics Yoga 101 Workshop2.30pm - 4.30pmVal HerbertSign-Up
6Saturday, TBA OctoberNew Year | New You Yoga Workshop10.30am - 12.30pmDeirdre MullinsSign-Up
7Saturday, TBA NovemberSomatic Back Care Workshop10.30am - 12.30pmDeirdre MullinsSign-Up
4Saturday, 26 September Somatics for Neck and Shoulders Workshop10.30am - 12.30pmDeirdre Mullins Sign-Up

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