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Immerse yourself in a yoga style, technique or therapeutic approach at our weekend yoga workshops. Explore postures, gain additional knowledge and inspiration in a speciality that interests you. Workshops are open to new students. To see the schedule of upcoming workshops, visit our yoga class and workshop schedule page.

Women's Empowerment Workshop Clane
Sensual Flow Yoga Workshop

Sensual Flow Yoga

Sensual Flow Yoga Workshop: 7pm, Friday 15th September 2023 Sensual Yoga Flow is an embodied movement practice that aims to enliven the sensual being within you, and reconnect you to your beautiful body, as you drop out of your thinking mind. This flowing fusion of rhythmic movements, combined with Hatha Yoga practices, and fluid floor-work will leave you feeling empowered, and in alignment with your lower chakaras. This practice, lead by Sam Buckmaster is an invitation for participants to explore the connection to their body, freeing the energy that may be suppressed, and allowing for self expression and self discovery. Through this journey finding ways to move YOUR body YOUR way. Expect a creative flow, with musical support that will give you the opportunity to explore how the movements feel in your unique body, making each pose your own, whilst exploring the space to move and flow with wonder at that which is within. This practice is open to participants of all levels and abilities who would like to explore a new way of moving and being. No previous yoga or experience required - beginners are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate.  
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Beginner Yoga Classes Kildare
Winter Solstice Workshop

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Winter Solstice Workshop: 7pm, Friday 15th December 2023
Honour the change of season with a very special two hour Winter solstice ceremony.
Sam Buckmaster will guide you through a series of practices including a meditation that focuses on releasing stagnant energy, a flow style movement practice drawing our attention to grounding and rooting down, to encourage you to plant new seeds/ ideas for the season ahead. The evening will also include a beautiful cacao ceremony. Used for at least 5,000 years by a number of communities around the world, on a metaphysical level cacao serves as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart, as well as to people around you. This heart opening drink will allow you to find a deeper sense of clarity, to be able to speak from your heart for the journalling part of our ceremony. We will end the evening with a slow meditative yin style yoga practice, to encourage you to go deep inside of yourself, allowing yourself to let go of what no longer serves you and honour the light as it begins its journey of reemergence.
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Meditation Yoga Workshop
Restorative Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Relax & Reflect

In-studio Summer Stillness Yoga & Meditation Workshop: 5pm, Saturday 30th September 2023 Settle into stillness and find balance in this quiet Summer restorative workshop. Carve some space to turn inward from the busyness, movement and activity of summertime. Replenishing your energy levels and down regulate your nervous system. Soothing restorative yoga poses are blended with meditation and relaxation to help you just ‘be’ in the present moment with your breath and body. This is a very slow paced workshop using multiple props such as blocks, straps, bolsters or blankets to help you find a place of comfort and help hold the poses for a longer period of time. The restorative yoga workshop will end with a deeply soothing guided relaxation helping the mind to go into deep relaxation and allowing you to leave feeling calm and grounded. Restorative Yoga offers a chance for the body and mind to take some well needed time out and unwind in a series of supported postures. Restorative Yoga and Meditation can help release muscular tension, boost your immune system and balance your nervous system. This yoga and meditation workshop is a held space for you to connect more deeply with your own life force and internal rhythm, and to honour these. No previous yoga experience needed. Bring an open mind and heart and our experienced instructor will take care of the rest.
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Yoga 101
Yoga 101 Beginners Workshop

Back to Basics Yoga Workshop

In-studio Yoga for Beginners Workshop: 10am, Sunday 14th January 2024 Get the New Year off to a positive start with our Back to Basics Beginner's Yoga Workshop. Always wanted to join a Yoga class but felt unsure if yoga was for you? Do you need a yoga refresher to renew your yoga practice? Created for students new to Yoga and for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of foundational postures, this introductory-level workshop will allow you to experience yoga as you learn the basic postures, breath work and develop a solid foundation of the basics of hatha yoga. The back to basics yoga workshop will take an in-depth look into key foundation yoga poses; safely and receiving the care and attention you need to build confidence. You’ll develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on healthy alignment, and practice coordinating the breath & movement. You will leave the workshop feeling stretched and relaxed and having the confidence to join a regular yoga class.
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