Beginner Yoga & Pilates Classes

Breathing Place Yoga is a peaceful, relaxing sanctuary where you will feel welcome as a yoga or Pilates beginner. You can learn more about the different styles of yoga taught at our yoga studio by exploring class descriptions. All these beginner yoga classes we recommend for a beginner new to yoga. Visit our yoga for beginners guide to help you feel more confident before your first yoga class. Book your yoga class by clicking into the yoga classes below.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
Hatha Flow Yoga
1 Week Hatha Flow Yoga Studio Course: 8.30pm, Wednesday 13th December 2023
This class is mix of Hatha Yoga and Flow Yoga (also referred to as Vinyasa yoga), a movement-based practice. Hatha Flow Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength as you weave with the breath through creative transitions that lengthen, strengthen and centre you. Hatha Flow Yoga classes start with some pranayama breathing practice then move into gentle stretching and strengthening postures, followed by an easy flow pattern which may focus on hips, shoulders, lower back, or legs. Some postures are held for a length of time using breath work to take your body and mind deeper into the asana and its benefits.
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Private individual or Yoga Class
Private Yoga Class

Private or Semi-Private Yoga Class

Enjoy a yoga practice customised to your individual needs either one-on-one or with a partner. Breathing Place Private Yoga classes can help you deepen your practice physically, mentally and spiritually and provide a safe space to grow and develop your yoga practice at a pace that is right for you.
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
Flow Yoga – Flow but Go Slow

Flow Yoga - Flow but go slow

1 Week Flow Yoga Course: 8.20pm, Thursday 14th November 2023 The mixed level class is perfect class for experienced beginners or those looking to improve their yoga practice. Flow or vinyasa yoga is a breath based flowing practice supporting proper alignment and mindfulness. Students will experience a comprehensive, balanced yoga class with expert instruction throughout the class. Each class will ended with a guided relaxation to allow you restore and soak up all the benefits of the practice. You will leave this Beginners Flow Yoga class feeling more relaxed and balanced.  
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
Flow Yoga – Learn to Flow

Learn to Flow - Beginners Flow Yoga

2 Week Flow Yoga Course: 6pm, Wednesday 13th December 2023  A slow paced class to learn the foundations of flow yoga. Flow or vinyasa yoga is a breath based flowing practice supporting proper alignment and mindfulness. Students will experience a comprehensive, balanced yoga class with expert instruction throughout the class. Each class will ended with a guided relaxation to allow you restore and soak up all the benefits of the practice. You will leave this Beginners Flow Yoga class feeling more relaxed and balanced.  
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Morning Yoga Pilates Classes
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

2 Week Hatha Yoga class: 9.30am, Tuesday 12th December 2023 A beginner-friendly open level yoga class. Learn a comprehensive set of yogasana (postures) and breathing to help relax and restore from the challenges of daily life. First-time students are welcome in this traditional hatha yoga class. Hatha yoga incorporates breathing exercises and meditation to call the mind and focuses on proper alignment and form to support your body. Students will experience a comprehensive, yoga balanced class with expert guided instruction throughout the class. You will leave this Hatha Yoga class feeling more relaxed and balanced.  
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Women's Empowerment Workshop Clane
Sensual Flow Yoga Workshop

Sensual Flow Yoga

Sensual Flow Yoga Workshop: 7pm, Friday 16th February 2023 Sensual Yoga Flow is an embodied movement practice that aims to enliven the sensual being within you, and reconnect you to your beautiful body, as you drop out of your thinking mind. This flowing fusion of rhythmic movements, combined with Hatha Yoga practices, and fluid floor-work will leave you feeling empowered, and in alignment with your lower chakaras. This practice, lead by Sam Buckmaster is an invitation for participants to explore the connection to their body, freeing the energy that may be suppressed, and allowing for self expression and self discovery. Through this journey finding ways to move YOUR body YOUR way. Expect a creative flow, with musical support that will give you the opportunity to explore how the movements feel in your unique body, making each pose your own, whilst exploring the space to move and flow with wonder at that which is within. This practice is open to participants of all levels and abilities who would like to explore a new way of moving and being. No previous yoga or experience required - beginners are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate.  
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Beginner Yoga Classes Kildare
Winter Solstice Workshop

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Winter Solstice Workshop: 7pm, Friday 15th December 2023
Honour the change of season with a very special two hour Winter solstice ceremony.
Sam Buckmaster will guide you through a series of practices including a meditation that focuses on releasing stagnant energy, a flow style movement practice drawing our attention to grounding and rooting down, to encourage you to plant new seeds/ ideas for the season ahead. The evening will also include a beautiful cacao ceremony. Used for at least 5,000 years by a number of communities around the world, on a metaphysical level cacao serves as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart, as well as to people around you. This heart opening drink will allow you to find a deeper sense of clarity, to be able to speak from your heart for the journalling part of our ceremony. We will end the evening with a slow meditative yin style yoga practice, to encourage you to go deep inside of yourself, allowing yourself to let go of what no longer serves you and honour the light as it begins its journey of reemergence.
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Hot Yoga Classes Kildare
Forrest Yoga (27°) – Beginners

Forrest Yoga (27°)

2 Week Beginner's Forrest Yoga Course: 9.30am, Saturday 9th December 2023 This Beginner's Forrest Yoga course is suitable for all levels and takes you step by step through the foundations of Forrest Yoga. Taught in a heated room, this Forrest Yoga course starts with the ability to connect to and deepen the breath. You will learn basic moves to find greater freedom in your body and each yoga pose is tailored to work for you and your specific physical and emotional needs. Forrest Yoga is a healing transformational practice that will allow you connect to your body on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. Over the course, you will learn tools and skills that you can take off the mat and incorporate into your everyday life. We also offer an intermediate level Forrest Yoga class on Monday at 8.15pm
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Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga & Pilates Class

Online Yoga & Pilates Classes

Online Yoga & Pilates Courses: Autumn 2023 Whether you're new to yoga or Pilates or want to keep a regular practice, register for our online yoga & Pilates classes. These online live-stream Yoga & Pilates classes are offered to help you balance body, mind and spirit as you practice from the comfort of home. Online Yoga and Pilates class will be delivered by Zoom. Use these online Yoga & Pilates classes, to boost your immune system, increase mobility and enhance your mental well-being. Yoga and Pilates don't require any special equipment, just a quiet space with enough room to stretch and move safely. New students are welcome.
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Tai Chi classes Kildare
Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi

5 Week In-studio Tai Chi Course: 7pm, Tuesday 9th January 2024
Tai-chi consists of slow flowing movements which build strength and stamina.  Mobility, flexibility and balance steadily improve with regular practice.
Tai-chi helps release stress and anxiety.  The practice of Tai Chi boosts immunity, aids restful sleep, helps reduce blood pressure and joint pain.  Practicing Tai-chi results in an overall sense of well-being and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Classes begin with a warm-up designed to loosen muscles and joints in preparation for practice.  Meditation and gentle breathing exercises are  also part of this Tai Chi course.
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International Yoga Day | Charity Yoga Class for the Hope Foundation
World Yoga Day – Hope Foundation Charity Yoga Event

Meditation & Yin Yoga

Hope Foundation Charity Class, 5.30pm, Wednesday 21st June 2023 To celebrate International Yoga Day (21st June), join us for a Charity Class with all proceeds going to the Hope Foundation to help street children in Kolkata, India. In return for helping others, you will be rewarded with a self-care class of meditation, yin and restorative yoga poses and end with a deeply relaxing yoga Nidra. Mindfulness meditation will help you relieve stress through exploring the habits of your mind. The passive Yin Yoga practice requires as much from the mind as the body as simple stretches are held for between 2-5 minutes, getting past the muscles to target the connective ‘yin’ tissues - joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia that wraps around your joints, muscles and organs. The class will move into some gentle restorative yoga poses to deeply calm and restore.  The class will end with a deeply relaxing guided yoga Nidra relaxation to ensure your feel grounded and relaxed both in both body and mind. A great way to end a busy week and support a great cause. HOPE is an Irish registered charity (CHY No. 13237), which was established in 1999 by Cork native Maureen Forrest. HOPE implements all its programmes in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India, providing vital access to protection, healthcare, education, vocational training and emergency response programmes for street connected children and slum dwelling communities. The children and communities with whom HOPE work, are some of the most vulnerable and most disadvantaged in our world. More information on the work of HOPE can be found at . If you cannot attend and would like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds from this class will go to the Hope Foundation.
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Yoga 101
Yoga 101 Beginners Workshop

Back to Basics Yoga Workshop

In-studio Yoga for Beginners Workshop: 10am, Sunday 14th January 2024 Get the New Year off to a positive start with our Back to Basics Beginner's Yoga Workshop. Always wanted to join a Yoga class but felt unsure if yoga was for you? Do you need a yoga refresher to renew your yoga practice? Created for students new to Yoga and for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of foundational postures, this introductory-level workshop will allow you to experience yoga as you learn the basic postures, breath work and develop a solid foundation of the basics of hatha yoga. The back to basics yoga workshop will take an in-depth look into key foundation yoga poses; safely and receiving the care and attention you need to build confidence. You’ll develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on healthy alignment, and practice coordinating the breath & movement. You will leave the workshop feeling stretched and relaxed and having the confidence to join a regular yoga class.
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Drop-in Class

Drop-in Yoga or Pilates Class

Single Class Drop-in classes for yoga and pilates are available to book at Breathing Place. Please phone or email to book in and let us know which class you would like to attend. If booked last minute - text 085 7758858 should you need zoom code for an online class.
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