Mindfulness Meditation & Tai Chi Classes

Meditation helps you change your relationship with stress and how you handle what life throws at you. A regular meditation practice can help copy with anxiety, anxiety attacks, depression and stress. Our classes are designed for beginner’s looking to begin a Mindfulness meditation practice and learn relaxation techniques. Our aim that is you will have greater ability to cope with anxiety and stress, learn to relax and enjoy a greater enthusiasm and energy for life.


Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion”. It originated thousands of years ago in China as a martial art and seeks to use internal energy (Qi) for good health. Tai chi is a low-impact mind-body practice that involves a series of slow, flowing motions that combine movement, meditation, and rhythmic breathing. Tai Chi helps restore health, reduce stress prolong life, improve balance and heighten creativity. The regular practice of Tai Chi teaches you to relax your body and mind to develop natural awareness of yourself and your environment, helping you function more productively in day to day life.

Healing Yin Yoga Workshop
Healing your Inner Critic with Yin Yoga

Healing your Inner Critic | Meditation & Yin Yoga Workshop

2-Hour Healing Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop: 10.30am, Saturday 11th May 2019   "You're not good enough / thin enough / successful enough / busy enough / healthy enough / there for your family enough".   These are things we wouldn't say to someone we care about, but  we can often catch ourselves thinking these things about ourselves. This harsh, nagging inner voice fuels our anxieties, sabotages our relationships with ourselves and with others and holds us back from pursuing what we want to pursue and living the lives we want to lead.
The first step to working with the inner critic is to catch ourselves as we spiral into these negative thought patterns. Yin yoga and meditation allows us the space and time to observe how we talk to ourselves, particularly when things feel challenging. As we move through this slow, soulful practice, we'll release tension in the body but we'll also gently observe the negative thoughts that may come up as we do.
Dee O'Hagan will guide you through taking a different, more positive perspective that gives you tools to deal with the inner critic, long after you leave the yoga studio. This healing two-hour workshop will finish with a nourishing loving-kindness meditation, directing compassion towards ourselves and expanding that sphere outwards towards others.
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Yin Yoga Workshop Kildare
Meditation & Yin Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation & Yin Yoga

5 Week Yin Yoga Course: 6.15pm, Thursday 19th September  2019 (No class 3rd October) End your busy week with this beautiful calming and deeply relaxing mindfulness meditation and yin yoga class. Mindfulness meditation will help you relieve stress through exploring the habits of your mind. The passive Yin Yoga practice requires as much from the mind as the body as simple stretches are held for between 2-5 minutes challenging the mind to process negative thought patterns in a compassionate and accepting way. Body sensations are navigated by building inner stamina and endurance and developing a mindfulness based meditation practice. As a result, the entire body experiences deep rest. The long holds in Yin Yoga get past the muscles and target the connective ‘yin’ tissues - joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia that wraps around your joints, muscles and organs. Yin yoga will simultaneously promote and maintain mobility as connective tissue is safely and therapeutically stretched, stimulated and strengthened. This Yin Yoga practice will change the way you go through life, creating the internal peace required to “respond” instead of “react". Leave feeling relaxed both in body and mind.
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Tai Chi classes Kildare
Tai Chi – Beginners

Tai Chi

5 Week Tai Chi Beginners Course: 6pm, Tuesday 24th September 2019 Tai Chi is a gentle, low-impact ancient Chinese flowing form of meditative movement that has been practiced for centuries. A form of mind-body exercise, Tai Chi improves the flow of internal energy current ('Qi') for  better health and harmony in your body. A Tai Chi class consists of slow focused movements which improve strength, balance and flexibility. Tai Chi helps reduce stress and anxiety, aids relaxation and improves sleep. Recent research has shown Tai Chi to be beneficial in providing pain relief for certain conditions, particularly fibromyalgia and arthritis. Tai Chi is beneficial for all ages and fitness levels. Experience a greater sense of well-being through the practice of Tai Chi.
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