Morning Yoga | Morning Pilates Classes

Our morning Yoga and Pilates classes will help you Rise and Shine. A morning Yoga or Pilates practice will benefit you by stretching the muscles, awakening your body, improving circulation and stimulating your mind. Face the day with energy and positivity! You can book our morning Yoga and Pilates classes here. Remember if you decide to attend twice a week, add both courses to your basket and 50% will be deducted from your cheaper course at check-out.

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Online AM Hatha Yoga

Online Hatha Yoga Classes | Mixed Level

5 Week Online Hatha Yoga Course: 9.30am, Wednesday 5th June 2024 Practice from the comfort of home with online Hatha Yoga classes open to all ages and levels of fitness. Hatha Yoga is a great foundation to work on your alignment, learn relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with doing yoga while building strength and flexibility. Experience yoga poses that tone and stretch. Hatha Yoga Classes include breathing techniques and a relaxation. Other Hatha yoga classes at our yoga studio in Clane, take place Monday 7pm Hatha Yoga Class and Tuesday Hatha Yoga 9.30am Class .
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Morning Yoga Pilates Classes
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

5 Week Hatha Yoga class: 9.30am, Tuesday 28th May 2024 A beginner-friendly open level yoga class. Learn a comprehensive set of yogasana (postures) and breathing to help relax and restore from the challenges of daily life. First-time students are welcome in this traditional hatha yoga class. Hatha yoga incorporates breathing exercises and meditation to call the mind and focuses on proper alignment and form to support your body. Students will experience a comprehensive, yoga balanced class with expert guided instruction throughout the class. You will leave this Hatha Yoga class feeling more relaxed and balanced.  
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Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga & Pilates Class

Online Yoga & Pilates Classes

Online Yoga & Pilates Courses: 2024 Whether you're new to yoga or Pilates or want to keep a regular practice, register for our online yoga & Pilates classes. These online live-stream Yoga & Pilates classes are offered to help you balance body, mind and spirit as you practice from the comfort of home. Online Yoga and Pilates class will be delivered by Zoom. Use these online Yoga & Pilates classes, to boost your immune system, increase mobility and enhance your mental well-being. Yoga and Pilates don't require any special equipment, just a quiet space with enough room to stretch and move safely. New students are welcome.
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Beginner Yoga Classes Kildare
Slow & Gentle Yoga

Slow & Gentle Yoga

5 Week Slow & Gentle Yoga: 10am, Monday 2nd September 2024 Ease yourself into the week with a slower paced, stretchy, mindful yoga class. This gentle morning class is perfect for anyone looking to charge the batteries before a busy week, or anyone who feels like they need a little more nourishment for the body and soul. This class would also be perfect for anyone with reduced mobility, seniors or coming back to yoga after an injury or break. Enjoy 60 mins of self care focusing on harnessing the power of your breath, as you move your body in ways that feel good to you. Slowly strengthening and lengthening your muscles, whilst creating harmony and ease in the body and the mind.
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