Pilates Classes

Whether you’re a Pilates beginner or expert practitioner, our Pilates mat class will strengthen the core, tone the hips and thighs, and flatten the abs. Each Pilates exercise emphasises breath, core conditioning, and body awareness. Our Pilates Instructors will pay special attention to alignment and form. Props such as therabands or magic circles, may be used to add challenge or assistance throughout the class.  Pilates Mat classes are multi-level in order to accommodate all students. Click the button below to purchase your Pilates mat class at Breathing Place.

Pilates Classes Kildare
Pilates Mat – Online

Pilates Mat Class - Online

6 Week Online Pilates Mat Course: 7.30pm, Thursday 10th September 2020 Learn to do Pilates correctly from the beginning. Master the fundamental movements with the emphasis on technique. With variations offered for beginners so you may modify according to individual strengths and weaknesses. This beginners Pilates Mat course will help you build a strong foundation and Incorporating strength, mobility and stretching movements.
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Pilates Classes Kildare
Pilates Mat – Improvers

Pilates Mat - Improvers

5 Week Pilates Mat Course: 11.30am, Monday 21st September 2020 The Improvers Pilates class is progressive, it aims to challenge and build on what you have already learnt in Pilates but also introduces new Pilates exercises. Incorporating strength, mobility and stretching movements. Pilates mat classes incorporate props (magic circle, theraband, stability ball). The smooth, precise and flowing movements of our Improvers Pilates class help make you more mindful of your body.   Our Improvers Pilates class is taught Elena Cordero Kiernan by who believes "Pilates is all encompassing. It is natural movement. It strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. It builds long, lean permanent muscle. It improves the bodies’ coordination and balance. It corrects posture through movement. It teaches longer, deeper, healthier breathing and therefore feeds the bodies organs with oxygen and blood. It promotes the mind- body connection". In the event of a Covid-19 lockdown, Pilates classes will be delivered via Zoom.   For online Pilates classes, check out Online Pilates Mat on Thursday at 7.30pm.
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Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga & Pilates Class

Online Yoga & Pilates Classes

7 Week Online Yoga & Pilates Courses: Commencing 3rd September 2020 Whether you're new to yoga or Pilates or want to keep a regular practice, register for our Free online yoga & Pilates classes. These online live-stream Yoga & Pilates classes are offered in goodwill to help you balance body, mind and spirit as you #stayhome during the Covid-19 pandemic. Online Yoga and Pilates class will be delivered by Zoom. Use these online Yoga & Pilates classes, to boost your immune system, increase mobility and enhance your mental well-being. Yoga and Pilates don't require any special equipment, just a quiet space with enough room to stretch and move safely. New students are welcome.
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Pilates Classes Kildare
Pilates Mat – Mixed Level

Pilates Mat Class

5 Week Pilates Mat Mixed Level Course: 8.30pm, Thursday 3rd September 2020 Pilates mixed level is the next level up from beginners and helps enhance your co-ordination, strength and correct posture to build your core stability and strength. Incorporating strength, mobility and stretching movements. With modifications offered for beginners, our Pilates Mixed Level Mat course will challenge mobility and stabilisation through the core and peripheral muscles while adding flexibility and suppleness to your body. STOTT Pilates® is a contemporary adaptation of the original Pilates exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.
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