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Breathing Place Yoga offers yoga class to all members of the community. We are passionate about teaching kids and teens to experience the health benefits of yoga and physical activity in a non-competitive, stress-free environment. Yoga benefits children and teens by improving fitness and physical health, reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and school performance and helps develop discipline and self-regulation. We specialise in kids yoga classes from babies to teens. Click below to book yoga classes for children and teens.

Children's Yoga Classes
Kids Yoga

Yoga for Kids (4 - 9 Years)

6 week Yoga for Kids Course: 4pm, Wednesday 8th January 2020 Our yoga classes for kids explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness. Children learn techniques to develop both relaxation and self-control.  We teach yoga poses and breath work, using song and story to introduce mindfulness and meditation to children. Fun yoga for children classes include cooperative yoga games, theme activities, meditation and storytelling to engage the natural energy and enthusiasm of children 4-9 years of age. Yoga is an ancient practice that can help modern kids achieve calm and balanced minds, while they build strong and flexible bodies.
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Yoga for Teens Classes in Clane
Teen Yoga

Yoga for Teens (10 - 16 Years)

6 Week Yoga for Teens Course: 6pm, Monday 13th January 2020 Life for a teenager today can be stressful, complex, and busy.  The Yoga for Teens classes will help build self-esteem and provide techniques to reduce stress though relaxation and breath work. We aim to build community, and empower the student through self expression and a sense of belonging as we play with challenging poses — designed to help teens learn to manage their complex lives. Each class consists of yoga poses, breathing and relaxation to develop a calm, compassionate attitude that will serve across all situations. Beginners are welcome, as we learn fundamental Yoga postures in a supportive and non-competitive environment while gaining flexibility, strength and focus. Our goal is to help teens feel strong and supported in their daily lives. Come join us!
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Baby Yoga
Mum & Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga Class

6 Week Mother & Baby Yoga Course: 11am, Tuesday 14th January 2020 Yoga for mothers and babies. Postnatal yoga for Mammys including beginners and babies (not yet walking). Enjoy an informal yoga class with your baby while you regain strength and flexibility following your pregnancy. Enjoy gentle yoga poses, modified to include baby allowing you to bond in a shared fun activity and make friends with other Mams. Duration 1 hour.
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