Somatic & Flow Yoga Instructor

A qualified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga instructor since 2009, Deirdre’s classes balance strength with ease, flow with stillness and stability with flexibility. Through her journey with Yoga, Deirdre discovered Somatic Movement Education and in 2015 qualified as a Somatic Exercise Coach. Deirdre incorporate these gentle Somatic movements into her Hatha Somatic Yoga class at Breathing Place.

Through her teaching, Deirdre invites students to be curious and playful as they explore all that Yoga has to offer.
“In my classes, I guide students to balance effort with ease, to get to know their bodies, to cultivate safe alignment principles and to move mindfully with the breath. “

“I was turning into a crock and feeling older than I should as a result of having been in 2 car crashes in my past. Since attending Deirdre’s Soma Yoga classes for the past year and half, I am much more flexible and have gained strength as well. An added benefit is leaving feeling totally relaxed and grounded. Thank you Deirdre” C. Donadea