FAQs | New Student Guide

Welcome to Breathing Place.

Thank you for booking a class at Breathing Place. We want you to feel welcome, relaxed and benefit from our classes both on and off the mat. Read the following FAQs to help make your experience at Breathing Place as enjoyable as possible. Namasté.

As a community, we all have a part to play in staying safe and well.  These Covid-19 precautions rely on each student and teacher taking personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing as well as that of our fellow community members.

  • Please do not attend the studio if you have a cough, a temperature or any other flu-like symptoms..
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 mins before class time.
  • All classes will be a maximum of one hour.
  • Practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and make use of hand sanitiser provided in the reception, yoga studio and treatment room.
  • Please wear slip-off shoes and remove before walking into the studio. Bring your own mat, towel and blanket. 
If you are in any doubt about practicing yoga please consult your doctor before you enroll.
Classes take place at our boutique yoga studio at 5 College Way in Clane. For directions and contact details click here.
Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of the class, especially if you are new as this gives you time to sign-in, get familiar with the studio and ask any questions before class. Please respect the practice of others and avoid arriving late; if you are late, please enter with the minimum interruption. The door will lock once the class starts, the onus is on you to arrive on time.
Maximum number of students is approximately 16 students.

Refrain from eating 1 to 2 hours before practice or eat very light as yoga is best practised on an empty stomach.

What to wear

Comfortable clothes such as a T-shirt with leggings or tracksuit bottoms that will allow you to stretch. Please do not wear chunky pants that will inhibit the teacher’s ability to spot misalignments. Yoga is best practised in clean bare feet.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please remove shoes at the door as we practice barefoot yoga. Practicing barefoot yoga allows a better grip to your yoga mat and will make you feel more grounded.
  • Ensure to turn mobile phones to silent or off before class begins.
  • Please mind your personal hygiene. Arrive fresh, wear clean clothes and avoid strong perfumes. Please do not rent a studio mat or walk around barefoot if you have verrucas or other contagious foot complaints.
  • Minimise conversation in the studio before the class begins. This is a quiet time to centre, meditate or set intention before class. Respect the sacred space and remain quiet during Savasana.

What to bring

Bring a non-slip yoga mat (these can be purchased on the first class). Your own yoga mat is recommended for cleanliness and self-practice at home. For hot classes, a yoga sweat towel (available in our yoga shop) that provides a slip-resistant and hygienic practice surface is recommended. Please ensure your mat is clean and your towel is fresh. You might also like to bring water for after class. You may enjoy a blanket and socks for relaxation. Most importantly… bring an openness to experience yoga.

All Class fees at Breathing Place are non-refundable once a course commences. Courses and yoga workshops are non-transferable and must be used within the specified time. For a refund on pre-booked courses, classes or workshops, cancellation must be made in advance; the refund policy is as follows:

  • 50% refund if cancelled 10 days prior to start
  • 25% refund if cancelled within 10 days of start
  • 0% refund once a course commences.

It is not possible to carry forward missed classes from a pre-booked course into the next term.

  • Missed Class Policy: Missed classes can be made up within the same term by attending an online class or another day but cannot be carried forward to the next term.
  • If our schedule doesn’t suit your availability, you can request our weekly class recording by contacting the studio.
  • Please travel light and avoid bringing unnecessary items to class. Breathing Place cannot take responsibility for any personal belongings that may be lost, stolen or misplaced.
  • All lost and founds items will be held for 30 days after which they will be donated to charity