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Blindfold Yoga Workshop


Awaken your inner eye | See from within

2 Hour Blindfold Yoga Workshop: 10.30am, Saturday 5th October 2019

Inspired by Pratyahara (the yoga principle of “the withdrawal of senses”), this workshop invites you to awaken your inner eye and turn inward. With a blindfold, you will take a journey from outside perception to inner self.

Join Ger Kinane for this two-hour deeply relaxing yoga journey as you explore the practice with your eyes closed. Feel your balance being challenged as you remove visual references. Experience the mind body connection intensify as you the rest of your senses become deepened and refined. With outward distractions removed, feel a stronger connection to breath. You will notice that the need for focus and presence is much greater than usual as you move mindfully and find stillness.​

A very slow and accessible sequence of poses that will leave you feeling relaxed, restored, with a higher appreciation for your ability to see, both inside and out.

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Blindfold Yoga workshop is open to all levels including beginners. Delve deeper through gentle movement, deep stretches, meditation and mindfulness. Bring a scarf or eye mask or alternatively just keep your eyes closed.

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18 July, 25 July, 2 Class Pack


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