Flow Yoga

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Flow Yoga

5 Week Flow Yoga Course: 8.30pm, Tuesday 3rd September 2020

Flow Yoga (also referred to as Vinyasa yoga) is a movement-based practice. Flow Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength as you weave with the breath through creative transitions that lengthen, strengthen and centre you.

Flow Yoga classes start with some pranayama breathing practice then move into gentle stretching and strengthening postures, followed by an easy flow pattern which may focus on hips, shoulders, lower back, or legs. Some postures are held for a length of time using breath work to take your body and mind deeper into the asana and its benefits.


For an earlier Flow Yoga class, check out our Thursday evening 5pm Beginner’s Flow Yoga Class.

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Intermediate level class. The Flow Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga class will link yoga poses into a flow practice that will energise your body and mind. Suitable for those with some previous yoga experience or beginners with a good fitness level.

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  1. Dee Elliott

    Deirdre is great, loved this class. Pity its so late or i would still be attending. I would finish at 10pm energised but heading to bed…

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