Forrest Yoga in 27°


Forrest Yoga Class

1 Week Forrest Yoga Course Level: 8.15pm, Monday 22nd July 2024

Forrest Yoga focuses on breath, strength, integrity & spirit. This hot yoga style is practiced in 27°heat. Ana Forrest the Creatrix of Forrest Yoga has spent over 45 years developing Forrest Yoga specifically to address current day stresses and challenges both physical and emotional.

Guided by the breath, the intelligent sequencing in Forrest Yoga will build your flexibility and strength while relieving tension. Expect to work, this Forrest Yoga class is a carefully constructed flowing series of intensive yoga asanas. Backbends, inversions and arm balances are emphasised. This Forrest Yoga class helps students learn to have freedom in their body. Forrest hot yoga is an intense, mindful yoga that offers great rewards and offers a wonderful pathway to build your practice. Forrest Yoga is an inspiring, grounding and deeply healing yoga practice.

We also offer a Beginner’s Forrest Yoga course on Saturdays at 9.30am.

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The studio’s strongest class, Forrest Yoga is suitable for students with previous yoga experience and looking for a stronger hot yoga practice in  27°. Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. Students should be familiar with Forrest Yoga basic moves and sun salutation.

This class will be taught in our Yoga Studio however in the event of a Government lockdown, classes will automatically switch to Zoom.

If you are new to Forrest Yoga practice, check-out our level 1 Forrest Yoga on Monday at 8.30pm.


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