Forrest Yoga (27°) – Beginners


Forrest Yoga (27°)

5 Week Beginner’s Forrest Yoga Course: 11am, Saturday 7th September 2024

This Beginner’s Forrest Yoga course is suitable for all levels and takes you step by step through the foundations of Forrest Yoga.

Taught in a heated room, this Forrest Yoga course starts with the ability to connect to and deepen the breath. You will learn basic moves to find greater freedom in your body and each yoga pose is tailored to work for you and your specific physical and emotional needs.

Forrest Yoga is a healing transformational practice that will allow you connect to your body on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. Over the course, you will learn tools and skills that you can take off the mat and incorporate into your everyday life.

We also offer an intermediate level Forrest Yoga class on Monday at 8.15pm

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This Forrest Yoga course is suitable for all levels – beginners, those getting back into yoga or new to Forrest Yoga specifically. More experienced students will also benefit from exploring the essential elements of Forrest Yoga to develop an existing practice. Forrest Yoga is a stronger yoga style, practiced is a heated room (27°).

Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly.


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