Restorative Yoga & Meditation Workshop


Relax & Rejuvenate

In-studio Restorative Yoga & Meditation Workshop: 5.15pm, Friday 20th May 2022

Need to unwind and relax? Treat your body and mind as we ease in through meditation to help quieten the mind, followed by a series of calming restorative yoga poses to allow the mind to go into deep relaxation.  This is a very slow paced workshop using multiple props such as blocks, straps, bolsters or blankets to help you find a place of comfort and help hold the poses for a longer period of time.The workshop will end with a deeply soothing guided relaxation allowing you to leave feeling calm and grounded.

Restorative Yoga offers a chance for the body and mind to take some well needed time out and unwind in a series of fully supported postures. Restorative Yoga and Meditation can help release muscular tension, boost your immune system and balance your nervous system.

No previous yoga experience needed. Bring an open mind and heart and our experienced instructor will take care of the rest.

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Suitable for anyone looking to learn meditation and deeply quieten both body and mind. Open to all ages and abilities including beginners.

All yoga workshops are small socially distance classes, held in our studio in accordance with all government guidelines and rules.


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