Pilates Mat – Improvers


Pilates Mat – Improvers

2 Week Pilates Mat Course: 11.30am, Monday TBA May 2020 (Suspended Covid-19)

The Improvers Pilates class is progressive, it aims to challenge and build on what you have already learnt in Pilates but also introduces new Pilates exercises. Incorporating strength, mobility and stretching movements. Pilates mat classes incorporate props (magic circle, theraband, stability ball). The smooth, precise and flowing movements of our Improvers Pilates class help make you more mindful of your body.


Our Improvers Pilates class is taught Elena Cordero Kiernan by who believes “Pilates is all encompassing. It is natural movement. It strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. It builds long, lean permanent muscle. It improves the bodies’ coordination and balance. It corrects posture through movement. It teaches longer, deeper, healthier breathing and therefore feeds the bodies organs with oxygen and blood. It promotes the mind- body connection”.


For Beginner’s Pilates, check out Pilates Essential Basics on Monday at 12.15pm and Pilates for Beginners on Thursday at 7.30pm.

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For students with previous Pilates experience, Improvers Pilates will help further develop co-ordination, strength and correct posture to build core stability and strength.


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