Hips, Core and Pelvic Floor Somatic Workshop


2-Hour Hips, Core and Pelvic Floor – A Somatic Exploration Workshop: 10.30am, Sunday 12th September 2020

Have you ever thought “if only I was stronger in my core I…” or you heard the words “engage your pelvic floor” or “use your core” but don’t really know what that means?

Whether you’re looking to boost your core strength, improve posture or better understand the Hips, Core and Pelvic Floor connection this Somatic workshop is for you. Through gentle Somatic Movement and Feldenkrais sequences you will explore practical and therapeutic ways to develop better control and more functional strength without overworking muscles. Both men and women can learn how to contract and relax the pelvic floor and core muscles helping to understand, how when balanced they form the base, support and strength for your spine, torso and all your organs. In addition, with this increased awareness and sensation you can address incontinence, alleviate pain (especially in the back, pelvis and hips), assist childbirth and facilitate ease in many functional activities like lifting heavy objects so you feel more comfort in all kinds of day-to-day and athletic movements!

The workshop is lead by Deirdre Mullins, our fully qualified Somatic Exercise Coach, Clinical Somatic Educator and Yoga teacher, who since 2013 has been passionately exploring Somatic movement, leading Somatic workshops and working with clients through Somatic Movement and Yoga.

You will leave this 2-hour workshop with less pain and tension, feeling balanced in your body and mind.

No experience necessary, both men and women are welcome.

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The Hips, Core and Pelvic Floor Somatic Workshop is suitable for men and women, all ages and abilities. No previous experience of yoga, somatics or Feldenkrais is necessary.


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