Summer’s Joy | Restorative Yoga & Sound Workshop


Summer’s Joy | Restorative Yoga & Healing Sound Workshop: 4pm, Saturday 16th May 2020

As the days get longer and we move into Summer, balance the outward focus of summer’s fiery energy with this beautiful restorative yoga and sound bath workshop.

Take a break from summer planning to slow down and surrender to the joy of the present moment. This restorative yoga workshop is a slow, gentle practice that will reduce stress and improve health. During the Restorative yoga workshop various props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are used to prop the body up in poses, allowing the whole organism to remain in a deeply relaxed state. You will be guided by Ger through a soothing and contemplative restorative yoga practice. While you relax live sound by Kamilla will help support the process and is an effective tool to prepare our bodies & minds for the Spring Awakening.

The healing vibrations coming from various instruments can help you revitalize the cells in your body and allow strong and vibrant energy to come in. Restorative yoga practice and sound healing are wonderful ways to assist you in the process of opening towards the new season and making it joyful, relaxed and full of new potentialities.

Allow your body to rest and receive sound therapy as sound harmonies come from singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and voice. During the restorative yoga and sound bath workshop, every client receives mini sonic treatment along with energy healing to raise the energies in and around the body.

Restorative yoga poses help to rest deeply and completely and coupled with sound therapy this workshop promises to be a truly relaxing and healing experience.

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Restorative Yoga is suitable for beginners to yoga, meditation and sound healing. Open to all levels of experience. Blankets, cushions and bolsters are provided for Restorative Yoga. Avoid stimulants and drink plenty of water after the  Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath.


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