Tai Chi Class


Tai Chi

4 Week In-studio Tai Chi Course: 7pm, Tuesday 9th April 2024

Tai-chi consists of slow flowing movements which build strength and stamina.  Mobility, flexibility and balance steadily improve with regular practice.
Tai-chi helps release stress and anxiety.  The practice of Tai Chi boosts immunity, aids restful sleep, helps reduce blood pressure and joint pain.  Practicing Tai-chi results in an overall sense of well-being and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Classes begin with a warm-up designed to loosen muscles and joints in preparation for practice.  Meditation and gentle breathing exercises are  also part of this Tai Chi course.

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Tai Chi is accessible to all fitness levels and suitable for anyone looking for a low-impact practice to quieten both body and mind. Tai Chi classes are open to all ages and abilities including beginners.


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