Women’s Circle Workshop


Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle Workshop: 9.30am, Saturday 22nd April 2023

Join Sam Buckmaster for a beautiful morning womens circle followed by an optional coffee and chat after.

This gathering of women will be a safe space to take time for yourself and to connect with other women on a journey through breath and heart work, towards feeling truly connected to your inner goddess, and authentic self.

You will be guided through a supported feminine yoga practice using props, to create the space to relax, feel safe and find fluidity within your body.

Through ceremony, meditation, yoga and relaxation, this workshop will help you honour all that you are so that you leave feeling relaxed, empowered and at one.


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Women’s circles are an ancient tradition, a gathering, coming together in safe space where we can reconnect to each other and ourselves.

Please feel free to bring a notebook, pen, blanket, pillow, crystals, or whatever else you feel called upon to bring.

No previous experience required.


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