Healing your Inner Critic with Yin Yoga

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Healing your Inner Critic | Meditation & Yin Yoga Workshop

2-Hour Healing Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop: 10.30am, Saturday 11th May 2019


“You’re not good enough / thin enough / successful enough / busy enough / healthy enough / there for your family enough”.


These are things we wouldn’t say to someone we care about, but  we can often catch ourselves thinking these things about ourselves. This harsh, nagging inner voice fuels our anxieties, sabotages our relationships with ourselves and with others and holds us back from pursuing what we want to pursue and living the lives we want to lead.

The first step to working with the inner critic is to catch ourselves as we spiral into these negative thought patterns. Yin yoga and meditation allows us the space and time to observe how we talk to ourselves, particularly when things feel challenging. As we move through this slow, soulful practice, we’ll release tension in the body but we’ll also gently observe the negative thoughts that may come up as we do.
Dee O’Hagan will guide you through taking a different, more positive perspective that gives you tools to deal with the inner critic, long after you leave the yoga studio. This healing two-hour workshop will finish with a nourishing loving-kindness meditation, directing compassion towards ourselves and expanding that sphere outwards towards others.

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Suitable for anyone looking to learn meditation and deeply quieten both body and mind. Ideal also to complement a more active ‘yang’ yoga practice or active pursuits like running. This beautiful calming and deeply relaxing mindfulness meditation and yin yoga workshop will help you relax and combat busy lives. Open to all abilities: both those beginning yoga and more experienced yogis will enjoy this workshop. Wear comfortable clothes. Blankets and bolsters will be provided.

1 review for Healing your Inner Critic with Yin Yoga

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Roseleen (verified owner)

    Gorgeous morning spent in your studio this morning with Deirdre …..felt great all day

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