Yoga for Runners & Cyclists


Iyengar Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

5 Week Yoga for Runners & Cyclists Course: 6pm, Friday 18th September 2020

This Iyengar Yoga class is for runners and cyclists, or those wanting to work on the strength, flexibility and release of the muscles that absorb the work of running and cycling.

Iyengar Yoga concentrates on precision of postural alignment. Students achieve the benefits of each Yoga pose through the use of props, gentle adjustments and attention to detail in teaching to safely build flexibility, stability and strength. The Yoga for Runners & Cyclists class will help you better manage your breathing, to oxygenate the body and create energy.

Classes start with time to focus the mind, followed by a series of yoga poses that help develop performance and prevent injuries. Every class ends with a period of time devoted to relaxation allowing the body to absorb the work of the class.

Discover the ‘missing link’ in strength and conditioning training at this tailored Yoga for Runners & Cyclists class.

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All are welcome to join Yoga for runners and cyclists class even if you are new to yoga. The class is suitable cyclists, short and long distance runners and those who run as part of their sport such as football, rugby or tennis. Walkers and hikers will also find content that’s relevant for them. Each class will help you improve alignment, posture and mobility as well as integrating other beneficial aspects of yoga.


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